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Referral Status

Referral orders go through multiple status before they become payable commissions.

Pending: Referral order has been tracked and waiting to be approved
By default, pending referral orders are auto-approved immediately. You can adjust this duration in Settings > General to match your store's refund policy and minimize the chance of paying commissions for later-refunded referrals. During this time, you can still approve or deny referrals immediately.
Approved: Referral order has been approved and waiting to be billed
Due: Commission for the referral order has been billed and waiting to be paid
Please note that at this stage, the commission amount can no longer be adjusted.
Paid: Commission for the referral order has been paid
Denied: Referral order has been denied
These orders will be excluded from your Reports and the Affiliate Dashboard.

Updated on: 26/12/2023

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