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16 December 2023: BixGrow Update

App Improvements


Don't miss out on the opportunity to maximize your benefits, check out the new version now ~
Offering advocates various discount types - your generosity not only benefits them but also elevates your sales!

Explore the newly released Conversions tab for insightful analytics and a deeper understanding of your advocates' performance

Take control of your referral success - manage your advocates effortlessly

Tailor your Custom Page appearance with ease, and make an impression with the personalized look of our cutting-edge design options!

Now you can effortlessly transform the Widget's trigger button into a Floating or Side Button format to match your unique needs and style, offering customers a seamless and tailored experience with just a touch of customization

Displays for advocates and their friends/customers are now supported in 10 languages to enhance inclusivity and expand the reach of your program ~

Stay informed and never miss out on advocates' new referral orders!!

11 November 2023: BixGrow Update

App Improvements


The Program Edit page is now on the next level - you'll find all the setup you need on a single page!

It's easier than ever to select applicable products for your affiliate program:

Advanced commission setups are accessible in the same section

26 July 2023: BixGrow Update

New Features

Marketplace (beta)

You are now the first to be in our brand-new Marketplace - which is coming really soon. Sign up right away with your listing!

Post-purchase Pop-up

Another powerful method to recruit more affiliates - display your affiliate program as a thank-you page pop-up to convert your happy customers.

Affiliate Tiers

Affiliate Tiers are back due to popular demand - to automatically move your affiliates to higher-commissioned programs when they meet your conditions. Isn't that so great and effortless?

App Improvements

Multi-level Marketing & Performance Bonus

The two essential features are now repositioned to their own menus for you to access more quickly! Multi-level Marketing can now be found under RECRUIT while Performance Bonus is placed in the MOTIVATE menu.

06 June 2023: BixGrow Update

App Improvements

Payout Invoices

Your payment process now includes an extra step: creating invoices. While they only take one more step before a completed payout is made:
Invoices provide a documented record of the total commission amount an affiliate made during a certain period of time
Invoices are accessible to both you and your affiliates - guarantee the accuracy and legitimacy of transactions
Invoices allow you to manage your payments better by making recurring payments on a fixed schedule
Find out more in Payouts or read our documentation guide for more detailed information!

30 April 2023: BixGrow Update

New Features

Advanced Commission Rule

You can now set up advanced commission rules to override the default commission based on multiple different conditions:
Set up different commissions based on Coupon
- If the order is tracked by an affiliate coupon, the commission will be X%
- If the coupon code is A, the commission will be Y% (A can be created by BixGrow or Shopify)

Set up different commissions based on Customer
- If the customer is new, the commission will be X%
- Only track affiliate orders if the customer is new

Set up different commissions based on Lifetime tracking
- If lifetime tracking is activated, the lifetime commission will be X%

Where to find: Program > Commission

Lifetime Commission Duration

You can now choose if lifetime commissions are valid forever - or for a limited time only ⏳

Where to find: Program > Settings

It's official - you are now in total control ✊ You can decide if affiliates are allowed to create custom links, or product links on their own or not.

Where to find: Program > Settings

In-program Commission Tiers

Commissions can now be set up as tiers - allowing you to give different commission rates for different affiliates based on their sales right inside the same program!!

Where to find: Program > Commission

Display/Hide Affiliate Dashboard tabs

The Affiliate Dashboard has never been easier for you to customize 🎨 With our new Data visibility feature, any tab, page, or section in the Affiliate Dashboard can be displayed/hidden to your liking ~

Where to find: Settings > Affiliate Portal > Design Portal > Affiliate Dashboard

App Improvements

Default Program Commission

Default Program Commission is the commission given to all affiliates in the program when they successfully bring orders 🔗

You can also set up affiliate coupons by assigning them to affiliates in addition 🎫

All of your previous settings are preserved although displayed differently. Please feel free to contact us if you can't find them!

Where to find: Program > Commission

Auto-applied Coupon

Ta-da! We know you've been waiting for this - a personalized AND auto-applied coupon for EACH affiliate. Yes, it's finally here ✨ The first coupon assigned to each affiliate will become their auto-applied coupon by default ~

Where to find: Program > Coupons

20 April 2023: BixGrow Update

App Improvements

Landing Page

A brand new trendy Landing Page is out now for you to attract more affiliates 🌟 Way more intuitive, and easier to design. Let's try it out!

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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