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I want to give Lifetime Commissions on subscription orders

1. What is Lifetime Commission?

Lifetime Commission allows affiliates to be linked to the customers that they originally referred and receive commissions on all of these customers' subsequent orders (regardless of whether an affiliate link/coupon was used or not). It is offered for a period of time called Lifetime Duration. Once it ends, Lifetime Commission will no longer be available.

If a customer is referred by an affiliate for the first time (the customer places the first order via an affiliate link/coupon), a link between them will be stored.
Next time, when the same customer places another order (even without using the same affiliate link/coupon or device/browser), BixGrow can still identify the affiliate who originally referred this customer and give him a commission. The affiliate will continue to receive commissions for this customer's orders until his Lifetime Duration ends.

2. How to set up

To set up Lifetime Commission, you must first enable this feature.

Once Lifetime Commission is enabled, all existing links between affiliates and customers in the Conversions > Customers tab will become lifetime links.

In this example, affiliate Quinn brought customer Joy to your store. Since you set up Lifetime Commission, all subsequent orders from Joy regardless of the affiliate links he uses will be credited to Quinn.

Next, you can also decide on Lifetime Duration - if it's valid forever, or for a limited time only.

In this example, Lifetime Commission is limited to 60 days, which means the links between affiliates and their customers will expire after 60 days. These customers will have to use affiliate links/coupons in order for affiliates to be credited for commissions again.

3. Lifetime commission amount

The Lifetime Commission amount is the commission amount given to affiliates for subsequent orders. By default, it is the default commission. You can apply another commission amount by going to Settings.

You can link an affiliate with a customer to create a Lifetime Commission link between them even before the customer places the first order. To do so, you must first click this New customers button.

Now select the affiliate and search for/add the customer you want to link. Finally, click Save.

To manually unlink the affiliate and the customer, simply click this Delete button.

Updated on: 08/05/2023

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